Club Sessions


These are mix in sessions where all those who attend rotate and there is no need to book or bring a partner.  Tennis balls are provided by the club for these sessions.

Club tennis takes place on Saturday from 1:30pm and on Sunday from 9:30am for all “full” members.  There are also mix in sessions on Tuesday morning from 9am for “full”, “standard” and “midweek” members and on Thursday from 6:30pm for “full” and “standard” members.

Attendance at any club session assumes a minimum standard of play, where every participant can serve and rally competently from the baseline, but are also comfortable to volley at the net.  This applies to Tuesday morning and Thursday evening sessions.

Weekend club play is of a higher standard.  It is expected that any participant is able to maintain a rally in a match situation, is familiar with basic positions for singles and doubles while developing consistency, footwork and tactical awareness.  It is also intended for those who volley competently, will move up to the net on short balls, possibly serve and volley and are able to return a second serve with a view to moving up to the net.