Junior Coaching

Sevenoaks LTC has a large and thriving junior membership, a result of the Club’s strong policy of inclusion and encouragement. Juniors have equal rights booking courts online and are included in senior teams whenever they reach the necessary standard (‘if you are good enough you are old enough!’)

The junior coaching and competition programme is part of the Sevenoaks Tennis Centre programme which provides coaching for approximately 250 children and uses 3 venues around Sevenoaks – The New School at West Heath, the Sennocke Centre at Sevenoaks School, and the Club. The youngest children (5-8) are based mainly at West Heath where there is an indoor hall ideal for mini tennis and the cold winters, and the older children divide their sessions between the indoor courts at Sevenoaks School and the clay courts at the Club.

Playing the game and competing is an integral part of the coaching programme, as a result Sevenoaks has the highest ratio of competing juniors in the South East.  There is a busy schedule of competition for all levels, mainly in the Sennocke during the winter and at the Club April-November. On Friday evenings in the Summer Term, the Club is the main venue for the Junior Summer League, in which nearly 100 juniors compete and enjoy a social evening. There are additionally a number of teams competing in both the Team Tennis Premier Divisions and the Team Tennis Leagues.  The club additionally offers ad-hoc doubles training for its teenagers and teenage social sessions.  

Sevenoaks LTC has a strong link with Sevenoaks Primary School, and funds tennis for the children in curriculum time and provides courts for after school tennis.  

Further information on the junior programme can be found on http://www.sevenoakswhtc.co.uk/   All enquiries should be directed to Hélène Jackson on 07710 677675 or 7oakswhtc@gmail.com.